Data Center Consulting

Top 10 Data Center Consulting Provides

Data centers are centralized data repositories that include server farms and networking equipment for storing, processing, and delivering huge amounts of information or data to consumers.

Reason For Choosing Data Center Companies

The sole reason to use a data center provider is because maintaining a data center is costly for businesses. In order to keep expenses down, businesses turn to data center suppliers. Even enterprises that use a private cloud, public cloud, or multi-cloud prefer to rent data center space on a yearly basis from data center service providers.

The Top 10 Data Center Companies

We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest data center suppliers for your consideration.


QTS is a prominent provider of managed and hybrid cloud services, as well as secure data centers. This corporation focuses mostly on the North American data center sector. QTS also has two locations in the Netherlands.

China Unicorn

China Unicorn is headquartered in Beijing and employs over 250,000 people across 550 data centers. This data center corporation operates in China and Hong Kong, two important data center markets. Cloud connectivity, video streaming services, customized services, multi-cloud services, and other data center services are available from China Unicorn.


Colorado is home to one of the data center providers. Coresite now employs 454 people and operates 22 data centers in eight countries. Clients may rely on Coresite for top-notch data center, cloud, and connectivity solutions. For its multi-cloud strategy, this data service provider uses Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. The coresite’s data center market profile is listed on the Stock Exchange.

Digital Realty

Digital realty is based in California and employs around 1530 people. This data center service provider operates in 14 countries and has 214 data centers. Furthermore, this data center service provider operates facilities in thirty various markets, with a focus on the United States.

NTT Communications

NTT Communications, based in Tokyo, Japan, is another excellent data center supplier. This corporation operates 48 data centers in 17 different countries.


Equinix, based in California, is one of the leading data center providers. It operates in around 24 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Equinix has 202 data centers throughout the world. While companies are increasingly turning to cloud service providers, mega-corporations continue to rely on data center providers to run their operations.

Cyxtera Technologies

On our list, Cyxtera Technologies is the most prominent data center firm. Its headquarters are in Florida, United States. Around 60 data centers are owned and operated by Cyxtera Technologies.

China Telecom

China telecom data center services is one of the major data service providers in the world. It has 456 data centers and is headquartered in Beijing. Its services are now available in ten countries. China Telecom provides business consultancy to a variety of businesses, including the government.


Verizon, based in New Jersey, is an excellent example of a strong data center company. Verizon employs over 139,400 people. This organization provides cloud services including secure cloud connection to safeguard your data and apps.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is based in Washington, D.C., in the United States of America. AWS employs roughly 25000 people worldwide and has 115 data centers. This company offers cloud services to a variety of businesses and organizations.


You may select anyone from the list with ease Here is highlighted some of the market’s top players who are now being employed by Fortune 500 organizations.