SmartRoom NextGen for Windows

SmartRoom NextGen for Windows – Functions Overview

SmartRoom VDR is a cutting-edge virtual data room software that offers a win-win solution to all parties involved in merger & acquisition management solutions, project finance, compliance management, investor reporting, soliciting donations, loan syndications, NPL (non-performing loan) or RPL (reperforming loan) sales, and due diligence.

What does SmartRoom VDR stand for?

The Microsoft Azure Platform is used to implement SmartRoom VDR. As a consequence, consumers may be certain that their information is safe and secure. Furthermore, the program has a multi-layer security strategy that includes high-level encryption, intrusion detection, and vulnerability assessment. Document sharing, remote document explosion, data synchronization, warnings, and reporting are all incorporated in SmartRoom VDR.

Benefits of SmartRoom VDR Overview

From the user interface to file uploading, configurable security permissions, Q&A, real-time reporting and graphical statistics for activity reports, and the ability to operate on several folders in one tab to accommodate mobile apps, the platform has been painstakingly developed.

Online Microsoft Office Document Collaboration

Microsoft Office apps and programs are used to create a large number of files and documents. Users may work on Microsoft Office files and documents in a single environment with SmartRoom VDR. This means users won’t have to leave the platform to edit, alter, and collaborate on those files and papers. They may accomplish all of their document management chores online or in the cloud because SmartRoom VDR is a web-based program.

Create and share secure links and documents

Users may quickly exchange files and documents with their teams, investors, prospects, and other stakeholders using SmartRoom VDR. They may use the program to exchange data both inside and outside their company by creating shareable URL connections. In other words, only individuals with appropriate permissions and rights may unlock and utilize such links, as well as access the shared files and documents.

Synchronization That Is Automated And Intelligent

The virtual data room software also has an auto-sync feature, which means that data, files, and documents saved on desktop PCs are automatically synced with data, files, and documents organized in the virtual data room, and vice versa. As a result, any modifications made to a document in the virtual room are automatically updated on the document saved on the user’s computer.

Boost Security with Remote Detonation

SmartLock is a feature exclusive to SmartRoom VDR. This capability gives users complete control over their data, files, and documents, regardless of where they are stored or downloaded from outside their business. So, how exactly does this function work? SmartLock allows users to remotely explode or delete papers. Even if the document has already been downloaded, this is doable.

Permission And Control At The Document Level

SmartLock, on the other hand, is not just a security function in SmartRoom VDR. In reality, when it comes to reading, saving, and altering documents, users and administrators can give and limit rights. They can do this at the document level, limiting access to certain documents based on their kind or level of confidentiality.

Reporting for Advanced Data Rooms

The majority of collaboration sessions and activities take place in a virtual data room, which is a digital venue or setting. As a result, an effective virtual data room solution must include a mechanism to track all sessions or actions that occur within the data room. SmartRoom VDR, fortunately, includes extensive data room reporting features that allow users to produce reports to get insight into the actions and activities of their teammates and stakeholders within the data room.